Product Announcement: Proportional Directional Valve System

January 2022

CMX Valves to be Discontinued

Beginning in 2022, Schramm hydraulic systems will feature a new Proportional Directional Valve System. This system will replace the original CMX valve system on the T450, T455, T685, TXD, and T130 series of drilling rigs.   

The new proportional valve system adds pressure compensation technology, output flow regulation, load sensing capabilities, and improved positional accuracy of the drill string system. These added capabilities eliminate the need for external valves, improving hydraulic motor life and reducing component replacement costs.  

The CMX valve system has been discontinued by the original manufacturer, making replacement parts difficult to source. Therefore, Schramm will no longer be able to provide product support for CMX systems. In keeping with our commitment to world-class customer support, Schramm is offering field replacement kits for each CMX configuration, with market competitive prices for our valued customers. 

The upgraded Proportional Directional Valve system will ensure that the T450, T455, T685, TXD, and T130 rig series will have the best hydraulic systems of any rig in their class. Older rigs that upgrade to the new valve system can improve their field efficiency with the added benefit of continued product support for many years to come.   

The Proportional Directional Valve System offers: 

  • Regulated pump output flow 
  • Additional load sense capabilities 
  • Pressure Compensation Technology 
  • External load holding device for increased stability and accuracy  
  • Increased reliability and life span of hydraulic motors
  • Increased replacement cycle intervals  
  • Eliminates external valves  
  • Maximum product support  

Field kits are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that global supply chain disruptions may cause increased product lead times. We greatly appreciate your patience. Customers interested in upgrading should contact their regional Schramm Sales Representative or the Aftermarket Department. 

Phone: +1 610 344 3144