AD500 Series

The AD500 Series features lightweight Reverse Circulation Hammers that are the perfect size for any grade control or exploration drilling applications.

Models: AD108RC , AD117RC, AD124RC
Hammer OD: 110-124 mm
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AD600 Series

From air core and small diameter drilling applications to deep hole exploration, the AD600 Series of Reverse Circulation Hammers gets the job done right.

Models: AD610RC, AD620RC, AD640RC, AD650RC, AD660RC, AD670RC
Hammer OD: 80-132 mm
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Technical Assistance

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Includes: Safety & Handling

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Technical Data

Includes: Operating Cycle, Air Flow, Effect of Elevation, Undoing Threads, Lubrication, Drilling in Water, Drilling Operation, Hammer Breakout, Working Air Pressure, Weight on Bit, Rotation Speed, Rotation Torque Pressure, Sleeve Clearance, Drilling Techniques

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Drill Bit Specifications

Includes: Bit Maintenance, Bit Selection, Drill Bit Resharp/Reshape Guidelines, Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide Buttons, Bit Insert Grinding/Reshaping

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Hammer Maintenance

Includes: Service Kit (O-Ring Kit), Hammer Disassemble, Hammer Reassemble, Hammer Storage Recommendations

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Includes: Percussion Drill Bit (Shanking, Fractures, Cracks and Chipping) Hammer (Fractures and Failures), Troubleshooting Table

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