FURY Series

Highly mobile. Impressively powerful. Minimal footprint.

The Schramm FURY 130’s combination of agility, power and serviceability make it a revolutionary and unrivaled drilling rig. With 130,000 lbs of pullback in large diameter capabilities the FURY can tackle the toughest jobs.

The FURY 130 features a cab-over truck design that maximizes the available space and driver visibility, and properly balances weight. The design also allows for a much lower overall height allowing for DOT compliance with regular permits in the US.

The electric over-hydraulic controls, air compressor and angled mast combined with dual steer front axles and a 40 ft turning radius make it easy to navigate in narrow places. With a split shaft PTO, the FURY rig can achieve a 15% fuel savings over comparable rigs.

Schramm Fury 130 drilling rig on-site providing aftermarket services in Australia.
Ideal for large diameter water well, especially when paired with a LoadSafe or mineral exploration with the Sliding Angle Mast.

Model Specs


130,000 lb (58,967 kg)

Air Compressor

1150 cfm @ 500 psi (32.6 cu m/min. @ 35.5 bar)
1350 cfm @ 350 psi (38 cu m/min. @ 24.1 bar)


Truck Engine: Tier IV-Final, Mack MP8
Compressor Engine: Tier IV-Final, CAT C18
Total Horsepower: 505

  • 28 ft (8.53 m) top head travel (SAM available)
  • Hands free power breakout, pipe handling and LoadSafe®
  • 15% fuel savings over comparable rigs
  • All hydraulic functions run from a power take-off (PTO)
  • Handsfree with mast-locking capability

Truck Mounted

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