Schramm is a US and Australian manufacturer and global supplier to the hydraulic drill industry. We focus on land-based applications and specialize in mobile, top-head, hydraulic rotary drilling.

Schramm supplies companies in the mineral exploration, grade control, water well, geothermal, construction, and oil and gas sectors worldwide.

Founded in 1900

Schramm was founded by Chris Schramm and originally manufactured engine driven machinery and portable air compressors.

Pioneering the way

In the 50s, Schramm pioneered air flush drilling and in the 70s, the focus moved to engineering and manufacturing top head drive mobile drilling equipment.

The story behind AirDrill

In 1994, Airdrill and Schramm formalized their relationship by making Airdrill the sole distributor for Schramm Drilling rigs. By combining quality-built drilling rigs along with rig overhauls, repairs and modifications, Airdrill was able to provide the best service and products in the industry. The global gas, mineral, water well and oilfield drilling industries all benefited from this partnership.

The addition of Hammers + Bits

Airdrill Hammer & Bits was born out of a vision to supply and service the Australian and international RC Drilling industry with a purpose built product. This vision coupled with the team’s expertise of 100 years delivers a world class product that is meeting and exceeding all current benchmarks in the drilling industry. Schramm acquired Airdrill in 2013 and saw the establishment of Schramm Australia.

Any climate, any terrain

Today, Schramm is a new business focused on growing its product portfolio of reliable Drill Rigs to include Hammers and Bits, rig parts, and support and service capabilities.

Schramm rigs are built your way, delivering maximum performance, reliability and operating efficiency to give you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition.