Schramm offers a wide range of engineered upgrades to ensure you have the latest, safest and most efficient technology. Upgrades include but are not limited to automated pipe handling systems, hydraulic breakout systems and air control upgrade kits.

Available on any Schramm Rig

Our engineered upgrades are specifically designed to optimize the operations and efficiency of earlier Schramm rigs. This ensures that whichever Schramm rig you are running, you can customize it for maximum efficiency.

Schramm offers certified OEM engineered upgrades wherever you are.

Engineered Upgrades

Breakout Systems

Breakouts enable hands-free breakout and makeup of rod string tool joints. The jaw design enables gripping anywhere between the size range without modification. Units and installation kits are available for new and existing mast structures. An installation kit or specially designed extension is available


  • Completely Hands Free
  • 3 Size Ranges Available, 2-1/2” to 5-1/2”, 3” to 7” and 4” To 8-5/8”
  • Single Or Dual unit setup
  • Hydraulic sequencing available for dual units
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Power Breakout

Hydraulically operated from the main control panel, the power breakout (hydraulic roughneck) arm mounts on the RH side of the mast opposite the operator. The arm swings beneath the top head by a hydraulically powered geared actuator. The lower jaws grab and hold the lower joint while the upper jaws grab and rotate the upper joint to make or break the connection.

The unit’s height is adjustable by 40″ to allow for variances in the landed height of the drill string. Two sets of jaw dies are required to cover the full diameter range of this unit. 8 x 3528-0011 dies are required for clamping diameters under 5″. Torque is adjustable in both the make and break directions and is monitored via a hydraulic pressure gauge.


  • Range: 3-1/2″ – 9-5/8″ diameter
  • Break/Make Torque: 55,000 ft/lbs @ 3000 psi
  • Clamping Force: Adjustable to 61,500 lbs @ 3000 psi
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DiaSpan Spanners

Diaspan spanners completely surround the Drill rod, interlocking and self-tightening when operated. 4” diaspans are cast 4140 high tensile alloy hardened and tempered steel. 5” spanners upwards are CNC machined from Bisalloy 80 wear plate.

The jaw inserts are machined from 4140 high tensile alloy, hardened and tempered with high quality tungsten carbide serrated inserts. The jaws are fitted into the spanner body and secured by countersunk head screws. All inserts are replaceable when worn.


  • Complete wrap around spanner design
  • Self-tightening design ensures maximum gripping force
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide inserts
  • Sizes from 2-3/4” to 9” available
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Drillers Monitoring

Schramm’s Drillers Monitoring system allows the operator to view all drilling parameters live including, hole depth, WOB, engine information and feed and rotation speeds. All data points are recorded 4 times per second and stored on the PLC for download and analysis.


  • Drilling parameters including weight on bit (WOB) and hole depth calculated on screen
  • Live Data at the operator’s fingertips
  • Data recording with USB export
  • In built fault diagnostic screen and troubleshooting capabilities
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Rod Retention

Schramm’s rod retention system provides an unparalleled level of safety and prevents the possibility of a rod being dropped during the loading and unloading into the mast. The units are designed for use on the Schramm 685, however can be fitted to other masts on the market with some modification. The intrinsically safe clamps retain the rod whilst unloading or loading. Proximity switches activate the clamping mechanism, with a dead man switch to release.


  • Prevents the risk of a rod fall whilst loading or unloading rods
  • Sequenced with the rod kicker and loader system
  • Intrinsically safe clamping system
  • Does not slow down trip speed
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Disengage Clutch

Schramm’s disengage clutch is designed to have no sliding contacting parts to eliminate the ability for the clutch to ‘slip’ during operation. The clutch can be decoupled when the compressor is not required, resulting in considerable fuel savings and reduced wear. The clutch incorporates a cushioned drive element to isolate the driven component from the engine’s harmonic vibrations.


  • Simple design with no sliding contacting parts
  • Reduced wear on componentry
  • Proven fuel savings when decoupled
  • Designed to suit many different applications
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The inline oiler has been designed to provide automatic lubrication to down hole equipment. The venturi and adjustable needle valve ensures that a steady controlled supply of oil is entrained in the air system only when needed. With its small size it can be mounted easily to the deck of the rig or on a support carrier.

The pneumatic injection models are designed to inject into high pressure air streams. The oil flow volume is infinitely variable by both needle valve oil flow adjustment and pneumatic flow adjustments. Available in a compact 80L design to fit almost anywhere on the rig to a full 200L system suitable for drill and blast sized operations.


  • Available in 22L Inline model or pneumatic injection 80L and 200L models
  • Simple low cost design
  • Inline model suited for pressures up to 5.4 Mpa, injection model suited up to 6.9Mpa
  • Compact mounting to suit any application
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Rotary Head

Schramm’s fabricated rotary head has been tried and tested in some of the harshest drilling conditions the world has to offer. The design incorporates straight cut gears, ensuring a high torque capacity is maintained. Three different size dual input motor configurations are available. A standard 76mm bore through the main spindle with a 104mm option available. Multiple output thread options in either box or pin configuration.

Suitable for reverse circulation, grade control, blast hole and water well drilling applications. Head travel guides are fitted with nylon wear pads and can be configured to suit most drill rig designs.


  • Field proven design
  • Mounting options suited to most applications
  • 50,000 lb Pull Down and 100,000 lb pullback capacity
  • Simple and serviceable design
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Radio Remote Upgrade (tramming and Rod Loading)

The Radio Remote Upgrade systems replace the existing direct or pilot hydraulic controls that are mounted on the machine and allow the operator to control either the rod loader or tramming functions from a safe distance. The system allows the operator to move around the machine ensuring they have a clear view of the surroundings, this is critical when tramming in confined areas or loading onto rig transporters.


  • Ability to control rod loader or tramming from a safe distance
  • IP65 rated transmitters and IP67 rated enclosures
  • Upgrade for new and existing Schramm 450 and 685 series rigs
  • Increased Safety Options Available
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Sequenced Rod Spin Cage

Schramm’s sequenced rod spin cage was designed alongside the increased requirement for operational exclusion zones on a drill site. The cage is designed to conform to Australian standards for machine guarding and to operate seamlessly with the rod loader. The cage is fitted with status lights allowing the operator to see when it is in the open and closed position.


  • Available in a single or dual stage gate configuration
  • Operation is sequenced with rod loader operation and hands free
  • Allows for loading of rods without having to remove cage segments
  • Retro fits to any Schramm 685 or 450 mast with a KL DA554 rod loader
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Multiple walkway configurations are available for both sides of the drill rig, allowing for safe access to the rig deck and rod bin for pre-start checks and maintenance. The rod bin walkway design allows for the loading of Rods via forklift without the need to remove the walkway.

All walkways operate via hydraulic cylinders controlled by a 24V hydraulic power pack that can be mounted in a suitable location on the rig.


  • Hands free, hydraulically operated
  • Engineered and load rated designs
  • Suitable for access on both sides of drill rig
  • Independent 24V hydraulic power pack
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Exploration Jib Boom & Winches

Exploration jib booms are available with 500kg and 750kg ratings. The boom assembly mounts to the top of the mast and rotates through a worm drive slew ring. Stops are added to ensure the boom stops at 90 or 135 degrees from storage position.

Survey winch is optional and rated to 200kg. A total of 1000m of 4mm cable can be fitted to the standard drum.


  • 500Kg and 750Kg option available as standard
  • Worm drive slew ring with over centre stops
  • Compact design with winch mounted to the assembly
  • 200kg rated survey winch
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Rod Handling

The DA554 rod loader is designed for improved safety, reliability and productivity with extreme versatility. The tram lockout safety function is standard and prevents the jaws from moving when the tilt arm is raised over 15 degrees.

The cup system secures the rod and reduces the chance of rod fall. The mast mounted configuration to keep a small operating footprint for the rig.


  • Designed for safe RC pipe handling
  • Remote control, pilot hydraulic or direct hydraulic configuration
  • Cup design ensures drill rod is captured
  • Single operator controlled
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EDM Diamond Rod Feeder

The EDM Diamond Rod Feeder has been designed to greatly reduce manual handling and risk of related injury when running in/tripping out diamond pipe. It can work with any rig, top drive or chuck drive, with a main winch can be operated by one person via pilot or remote control. Works on mast angles of 45° to 90° and the platform has a capacity of 200m N pipe.


  • Independent, mobile diamond rod handling system to work with any drill rig
  • Handles 6 and 9m pipe, greatly reducing manual handling and related injury risk
  • No loss of productivity, improved productivity in extreme environments
  • Integrated crane for hands-free loading/unloading and safe handling of rods
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Tilt Head

Schramm’s tilt head assembly has been developed to fit all new and existing water well rigs. The tilt head pivot points are fitted with bronze bushes, including grease points located on a service bulkhead. The complete assembly maintains the full original pullback capacity of the rig. Proximity sensors are located on both locking cylinders and ensure the arms are locked in the drilling position.


  • Solutions for all Schramm 685 models
  • PLC based control system
  • 79 degrees of tilt angle
  • Optional diagnostic screen
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EoH Solutions

Schramm’s electric over hydraulic hardware and software upgrades are available across the range of both new and used Schramm drilling rigs. Incorporating electric over hydraulic valves, controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the rig operator can view and change drilling and operating parameters and view rig diagnostics via a Human to Machine Interface (HMI).


  • Electric over hydraulic solutions available across the Schramm range of rigs
  • PLC controlled operations
  • Remote control panel or enclosed cabin options
  • Hands free rig operation and control from a safe distance
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Schramm Vision

Schramm’s rig mounted surveillance system provides a fully integrated solution to monitor worksites remotely. It also assists with avoidance of costly Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s) through accident prevention and health and safety training support. Primarily used in the Exploration Drilling and Mining industries, it is suitable for use on all drilling rigs or vehicles where monitoring safety systems and procedures can assist prevent injuries to employees.


  • Prevents accidents before they happen
  • Saves time during safety incident investigations
  • Engineered for mobile and fixed plant equipment in harsh environments
  • Live data streaming and remote access
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Lazy Susan Field Installation Kits

With an ever-changing market, Schramm recognizes how important adaptability is. This is why we have developed Lazy Susan Field Installation Kits for rig model T300M, T450 series and the T685 series drills. Our Lazy Susan Field Installation kit can be across multiple applications, such as Water Well, Geothermal, Exploration and Grade Control.


  • 8, 10, 12 & 15 rod Lazy Susans for 3 ½ or 4 ½ inch X 20 foot Schramm BO drill rods
  • 8 & 12 rod Lazy Susans for reverse circulation drill pipe applications
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Rig Refurbishments

Nobody knows your rigs like the people who built them. That’s why Schramm offers the most cost-effective solutions available to maximize the life and performance of your Schramm rig.

From factory rig updates with the latest technologies, to complete refurbishments from the ground up, Schramm certified professionals are standing by to ensure your rigs are always running at full capacity to maximize profitability.


  • Schramm rig rebuilds, upgrades and preventative maintenance programs
  • Operator and maintenance training programs available at the Schramm factory
  • Worldwide factory trained service centers and authorized technicians
  • Schramm certified OEM parts
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Air Control Upgrade Kit

The revolutionary Air Control system manages the compressor and variable speed fan controls to maintain a constant pressure and temperature on the system with a simple interface. This automated Compressor control system matches the volume of air created to the volume being consumed by modulating the positioning of the inlet control valve. The valve position is controlled by an attached cylinder.

The compressor sump pressure indicates whether the compressor needs to make more or less air to match the consumption. The control system is capable of artificially lowering the pressure below system demand, or lowering the volume below potential with operator overrides.

The Program logic controller (PLC) is the brain of the entire automated Air Control System. The controls on the control panel send commands to the PLC. The PLC then translates those
commands to control the cylinder connected to the inlet control valve. The compressor will run
at a constant speed dictated by the opening of the inlet control valve. The maximum amount of air can be limited to the compressor system by turning the Volumetric Limit rotary knob on the control panel. This is just a limit of the maximum volume; the actual volume is determined by the compressor pressure set point and loading conditions.

The compressor control system monitors engine load and reduces the compressor volume as necessary to prevent the engine from shutting down due to being overloaded. The Air Control system is available for all new rigs with a compressor and can be retrofitted onto older rig models.


  • Factory tests show fuel savings over 10%
  • Cooler operation
  • Automatically matches air volume to DTH pressure requirements
  • No air regulators, air controls, or pilot lines
  • Eliminates freeze-up
  • No coalescing filter
  • Reduced air noise when the compressor is unloaded
  • Slower cooling fan speed
  • Operator adjustable pressure and volume from the control panel
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