LoadSafe® is Schramm’s exclusive trailer mounted automated pipe & casing handling system. LoadSafe® safely handles heavy drill pipe, drill collars and casing.

Lift Capacity: 5,000 lb (2,268 kg)
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DiaSpan Spanners

Schramm’s DiaSpan spanners completely surround the Drill rod, interlocking and self-tightening when operated. 4” diaspans are cast 4140 high tensile alloy hardened and tempered steel. 5” spanners upwards are CNC machined from Bisalloy 80 wear plate.

The jaw inserts are machined from 4140 high tensile alloy, hardened and tempered with high quality tungsten carbide serrated inserts. The jaws are fitted into the spanner body and secured by countersunk head screws. All inserts are replaceable when worn.


  • Complete wrap around spanner design
  • Self-tightening design ensures maximum gripping force
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide inserts
  • Sizes from 2-3/4” to 9” available

Breakout Bench

Schramm’s breakout bench is designed for breaking out DTH hammers and tool joints. With the appropriately rated spanner, this bench is capable of 80,000 ft. lbs of breaking force on a tool joint. All while maintaining grip on the barrel via the hydraulically tensioned leaf chain.

A dedicated hydraulic 3-phase power-pack is supplied as standard with a diesel option available where required. The unit is a standalone piece of equipment, able to be used on site or in a workshop environment. All benches are constructed with forklift pockets and mounting points for permanent installation where required.


  • Semi portable design fitted with forklift pockets
  • Tethered control bank for safe operation
  • 415V or diesel hydraulic power pack options available
  • Suitable for hammers and tool joints 4” diameter to 8” diameter


The inline oiler has been designed to provide automatic lubrication to down hole equipment. The venturi and adjustable needle valve ensures that a steady controlled supply of oil is entrained in the air system only when needed. With its small size it can be mounted easily to the deck of the rig or on a support carrier.

The pneumatic injection models are designed to inject into high pressure air streams. The oil flow volume is infinitely variable by both needle valve oil flow adjustment and pneumatic flow adjustments. Available in a compact 80L design to fit almost anywhere on the rig to a full 200L system suitable for drill and blast sized operations.


  • Available in 22L Inline model or pneumatic injection 80L and 200L models
  • Simple low cost design
  • Inline model suited for pressures up to 5.4 Mpa, injection model suited up to 6.9Mpa
  • Compact mounting to suit any application

Sequenced Rod Spin Cage (UPGRADE)

Schramm’s sequenced rod spin cage was designed alongside the increased requirement for operational exclusion zones on a drill site.

The cage is designed to conform to Australian standards for machine guarding and to operate seamlessly with the rod loader. The cage is fitted with status lights allowing the operator to see when it is in the open and closed position.


  • Available in a single or dual stage gate configuration
  • Operation is sequenced with rod loader operation and hands free
  • Allows for loading of rods without having to remove cage segments
  • Retro fits to any Schramm 685 or 450 mast with a KL DA554 rod loader


Schramm’s specialised rod loading system ensures you handle the most challenging rod change outs without fail. The EzyLoad transports the rod straight from the storage truck to the drill, eliminating the requirement for an overhead crane or workshop.

Fast and simple to operate, engineered to last and completely hands free, the EzyLoad fits onto any suitable truck mounted crane and can be easily removed to allow for normal use.


  • Capable of loading 4m to 10m in rod length and 4 inch to 9 5/8 inch in rod size
  • Lifting capacity up to 2200kg
  • Failsafe operation using patented energise to open system
  • Fully automated grease system