Aussie Made: Perception Matters

April 2021

AirDrill Hammers and Bits certification cements Schramm’s Australian legacy

Schramm AirDrill Hammers and Bits (Wangara, WA) have officially been awarded Australian Made certification by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL). The AMCL, a not-for-profit company established in collaboration with the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, supports Australian manufacturers and advocates buying Australian goods. It licenses the famous triangular logo it calls “the mark of Aussie authenticity.”

Schramm AirDrill H&B joins a network of more than 2600 other certified businesses, strengthening their global profile and cementing their association with Australia. According to Roy Morgan Research, 90% of Australians prefer to buy Australian products, and 99% of respondents recognize the logo, which is now featured on H&B products and sales materials.

The certification effort was spearheaded by Product Development Manager Charles Barden and Workshop Manager Ian Ingham. Charles, who came to Australia in 2009 as a self-described “long haired backpacker,” has been working for Schramm since 2016. Ian has been in the industry for 17 years, originally working for AirDrill, which was acquired by Schramm in 2013.

“Competitors are moving production overseas because it’s cheaper,” Ian says. “It seems like everything is made in China these days. But our hammers and bits are made in-house.”

“We have pride in our nation and our product,” says Charles. “We never cut corners. We use premium materials, we have high quality workmanship, and we have an excellent product.”

Australia is the world’s leading drilling market. So when the sales team reported hearing rumours that Schramm products were being made overseas, the H&B team wanted to settle the issue unequivocally. In a competitive industry where perception matters, misinformation can have financial consequences.

Charles suggested they look into being certified Australian made. “With that logo on your product, there is no question where it’s made,” Charles says. He and Ian pitched the idea to EVP Sales, Marketing, & GM Australia, Craig Mayman, who quickly agreed to finance the certification.

To be certified, the H&B team had to prove that their products’ most substantial manufacturing transformations occur in Australia. “The certification process was pretty intense,” Charles says. “We had to prove where our raw material comes from, where it gets heat treated, what coatings we use, who our subcontractor is, where they’re located, and what changes we make to the product.”

Because of COVID-19, the team had to earn certification remotely. “It was a real team effort. Everybody chipped in,” says Ian. Ludovic Boi, Daniel Hurst, and other members of Schramm Australia played an important role, compiling video, photographic, and written evidence that they digitally forwarded to the AMCL.

The team’s hard work paid off.┬áSchramm AirDrill H&B are now certified Australian Made and can renew the certification annually. The certification arrives as the global drilling market begins gaining momentum after the COVID-19 downturn.

The H&B team are excited that sales and manufacturing are ramping up. “We’re busier than ever at the moment,” Charles says. “The future for AirDrill H&B looks very bright.”