Case Study: Metres Down Under Relies on Schramm AirDrill Hammers

March 2024

Metres Down Under, an underground drilling company based in Western Australia, has been a key player at the AngloGold Ashanti Sunrise Dam since 2012. With a focus on in-the-hole technology and reverse circulation drilling, the company has successfully drilled over 2,100,000 meters at the dam. The company credits its recent success to the Schramm Hammers & Bits AirDrill 108 RC Hammer and the field support that Schramm provides.

The Game-Changing AD108 RC Hammer

The AD108 RC Hammer has become a key component in Metres Down Under’s drilling operations, enabling the company to drill deeper and more efficiently. Brendon Mackay, site manager at Sunrise Dam Operations, attests to the hammer’s impact, stating, “The AD108 hammer has taken our drilling to another level. It’s a much more reliable and hard-wearing hammer compared to other hammers on the market.”

Overcoming Obstacles & Setting Records

At Sunrise Dam,  Metres Down Under utilizes water injection to eliminate airborne dust, which can create muddy conditions that accelerate hammer wear. The AD108’s streamlined design and enhanced flushing capabilities allow it to perform more efficiently in these difficult conditions.

“We have long desired a hammer that could give us over 10,000 meters, and we’ve achieved that with the AD108,” says Brendon.

Meters Down Under has utilized the on-site support offered by Schramm to great effect, working with Schramm team leader Ric Goebel to tackle challenging ground conditions at the dam. Together, Brendon and Ric successfully broke the previous depth record and set a new benchmark for the AD108 RC Hammer: 12,929 meters (42,418 feet).

Schramm AD500 and AD600 RC Hammer Features

The Schramm AirDrill product line consists of the AD500 and AD600 Series of underground RC hammers. These world-class hammers feature a top loading inner tube design for easy access, piston case wear protection for longevity, and powerful flushing capabilities for mud drilling.

The AD108 (part of the AD500 Series) is small and powerful, with an outside diameter of 110 mm and weight of only 56 kg. Like all AirDrill Hammers, the AD108 is individually constructed, rigorously inspected, and Certified Australian Made.

Ideal for Mineral Exploration

Specifically designed for mineral exploration and grade control drilling at any depth, Schramm Hammers and Bits meet the demanding requirements of the exploration and surface drilling industry. Ongoing product innovation and continuous feedback from customers, like Metres Down Under, contribute to refinements that enhance performance and reliability.

Schramm AirDrill Team: A Critical Support Partner

Metres Down Under highlights the crucial role of the Schramm Hammers and Bits team in their success. Technical support provided by Ric Goebel and his team on-site has been instrumental. Mackay notes, “Schramm has a ‘nothing is too hard’ attitude that has really made this partnership pleasurable and hopefully long-standing.”

Committed to Positive Outcomes

The joint success achieved at Sunrise Dam exemplifies the Schramm Hammers and Bits commitment of working closely with customers to overcome challenges and drive results, setting new records along the way.