Find Parts, Prints & Certs on Schramm Rig>ID

December 2022

Schramm Rig>ID is an online one-stop shop for comprehensive rig documentation that allows Schramm customers to find parts books, operating manuals, diagrams, certifications, and more—from any internet connected device. To access Rig>ID customers simply need a User ID and Password.

Rig>ID is intuitive and easy to navigate; users simply click the appropriate icon or type a query into the search bar. The documents are fully indexed and searchable, down to individual keywords and phrases. Each document is tagged by rig model and serial number to ensure that users have the exact information they need for their uniquely configured rig.

“The latest generation of Rig>ID can be used on any smartphone or tablet,” says Products Manager Curtis Mulhaul. “The information our customers need is right at their fingertips.”

When customers need to order new parts, they can use Rig>ID to access an interactive parts book with detailed views. Users can then find the specific part number and description required and provide that information to their authorized Schramm products dealer. Proper component identification and accurate part numbers ensure that customers always receive the parts they need.

Rig>ID documents can be downloaded and stored on a variety of devices, which is particularly helpful on the job or when drilling in remote areas without reliable internet or cellular service.

“Rig operators might need to access documents in the field,” says Curtis. “Maybe they need to show a certification, or maybe they need to consult the operations manual to troubleshoot the rig. If the documents are already stored on their phone they can immediately access them—no cell service needed.”

Rig>ID is just one more way that Schramm demonstrates its commitment to providing quality service to its customers.

Rig>ID access includes:

  • Parts books with exploded view details that make component identification easy
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Hydraulic and electrical diagrams
  • Certification documents (API Documentation Packages), if included in original rig purchase scope of supply
  • Fully indexed and searchable documents including individual keywords or phrases
  • Ability to satisfy rig commissioning or regulatory compliance inspections by immediately producing specific OEM certification documents

Your Schramm Sales Representative can assist you with accessing Rig>ID for the first time. Make sure you write down your login credentials and password and store them in a safe place. If you have questions about Rig>ID or need help accessing it, please contact us.