Schramm Brisbane: More Than A Service Shop

July 2021

Queensland facility offers Electric Over Hydraulic conversions and other engineered upgrades

Schramm Australia recently completed an electric-over-hydraulic conversion of a T130 at its Brisbane (Darra, QLD) facility. It is the first rig of its kind for Schramm, incorporating electric over hydraulic valves, fully controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and featuring a Human to Machine Interface (HMI) that allows the rig operator to view and change operating parameters from a distance.  

The rig was ordered by Mitchell Drilling Services [ASX:MSV], a leading provider of drilling services globally and in Australia. Mitchell, a fifteen-year Schramm client, operates a fleet of world-class rigs, including multiple T130 and T685 rigs.

“Mitchell Drilling is continuing to be an excellent partner,” says Craig Mayman (EVP Sales, Marketing, and General Manager Schramm Australia).

The T130 conversion was overseen by Russel Neucomm (East Coast Branch Manager) and his team of Troy McVinish (Service Technician) and other highly qualified personnel in Schramm’s Brisbane facility.

To implement the conversion, the team needed to deconstruct the rig and rebuild it from the ground up. Every component of the rig had to meet Schramm’s industry-leading specifications, requiring nine months of design, testing, and product development.

“Although it’s technically a rebuild, in many ways it’s a completely new rig,” Craig says. “We changed the engine, the controls, stripped and painted all of the weldments, added high-pressure filtration, a vertical cooler pack, a new trailer, new walkways, and interlocks throughout the rig.”

The rebuild has laid the groundwork for future electric over hydraulic rebuilds, generating procedures, products, and documentation to streamline EoH conversions moving forward. Work has already begun on a second T130 conversion for Mitchell Drilling Services.

The project’s success further demonstrates the impressive capabilities and quality workmanship of Schramm Brisbane. In addition to its 24 hours-a-day aftermarket support services, the East Coast Schramm facility offers a multitude of engineered upgrades for new and used Schramm rigs. The team handles complete overhauls of the drill rig, rod presenter, mud pump, and gas compression systems as well as sub-assembly fabrication, hydrostatic testing, and recertification of critical load path modules.

“All onsite repairs and work conducted in the manufacturing facility meet OEM standards, and come with comprehensive documentation and supporting certification,” says Russel. “The Brisbane team has been very active in the oil and gas industry in Queensland for the last ten years,” Craig says. “They are much more than a service shop.”