Get Documentation on Demand with Rig>ID™

November 2021

Customer relationships are essential to good business, and at Schramm, maintaining solid partnerships means going the extra mile to deliver exemplary service. One major way Schramm meets that commitment daily is by consolidating the hundreds of pages of documentation that accompany drilling rigs into a single place— Rig>ID™.

Rig>ID is an online one-stop-shop for comprehensive rig documentation that allows Schramm customers to find technical information visually in an icon-driven platform. Rig>ID is intuitive and simple to use, requiring only the provided credentials and an internet connection.

Customers don’t have to shuffle through hundreds of pages of paper or scour the index for part names—they can simply navigate to their rig through Rig>ID and click or search for whatever they’re looking for. The documents can also be downloaded as PDFs and stored digitally in the event that there is not an internet connection.

In addition to benefitting rig owners and operators, Rig>ID has become an invaluable tool for the Schramm engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, and support teams in the US and Australia, streamlining parts acquisition, and ensuring consistency across the board.

The following documents can be accessed via Rig>ID:

  • Parts books with exploded view diagrams
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Hydraulic and electrical diagrams
  • Certification documents (API Documentation Packages), if applicable

The documents are fully indexed and searchable, down to individual keywords or phrases, and are defined by rig model and serial number, permitting users to access the actual schematics of their specific rig—instead of generic information that may not match their unique“as-built” or “currently configured” model—another advantage Schramm customers have over the competition.

One Rig>ID feature that both Schramm personnel and customers find valuable is parts books with exploded view details. These diagrams make component identification easy, mitigating the risk of ordering incorrect parts, thereby saving time and money for all parties.

Another important feature of Rig>ID is its ability to instantly provide certifications whenever needed.

“Some of our customers’ contracts require all appropriate documentation be available onsite prior to drilling,” says Tim Miles, Technical Illustrator and spearhead of the project. “Rig>ID makes that so much easier…No three-ring binders to misplace!”

Rig>ID even helped Schramm pass an API audit. “The auditor was impressed that all the documentation he required was readily at hand and so well organized,” Miles says.

Rig>ID was developed in close collaboration with Documoto (Englewood, CO), a cloud-based, digital publishing platform and interactive content management company. Since 2014, Schramm has been refining the Rig>ID interface and processes alongside Documoto to ensure customers always have the most up-to-date information.