Safety Fuels BDC FURY130 Fleet

December 2022

The FURY130 is the most innovative, powerful, and mobile drilling rig in its class, offering the latest in operator safety, ergonomics, and over-the-road portability. A triumph of mechatronic and electric-over-hydraulic engineering, the FURY130 is the culmination of decades of drilling experience and customer feedback. When combined with the Schramm LoadSafe® rod handling system, rig operators can drill hands-free, greatly reducing the risk of jobsite injuries.  

“The FURY paired with a LoadSafe is the backbone of our drilling fleet,” says Bill Gardner, General Manager of Bunbury Drilling Company [BDC] in Western Australia. “We’re starting 2023 with four of them in the field.”

BDC is a family-owned water well drilling company with more than sixty-five years of experience in the mining, agricultural and public water supply industries. The company recently took delivery of two more FURY130 rigs to meet demand for its mine dewatering services in Pilbara’s busy iron ore mines. The rig orders are an affirmation of the safety and efficacy of the FURY series and an indicator of BDC’s rapidly growing business.

“Bunbury is a family business, and the health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance,” says Bill.

Safety Meets Performance

BDC’s FURY130 rigs are all equipped with remote operation capabilities. Using a portable control panel tethered to the rig, drill operators can stand safely outside of the active drilling area, while maintaining full control of rig parameters courtesy of the rigs’ EoH [electric over hydraulic] design. This allows smooth, ergonomic operation without the vibration and shaking typical of standard rig-mounted control panels. The on-screen parameters are easy to understand and the controls are intuitive.

“From an operations and training perspective, using the tethered control panel instead of manually releasing pressure release valves reduces the risk of preventable injuries,” says Bill.

With less operator wear-and-tear and an easier drilling experience overall, the FURY130 can lengthen drilling careers, and even help attract new workers.

Strength and Mobility

With 29 years of experience in the drilling industry, Bill knows the importance of safety firsthand. As General Manager of BDC, one of his first priorities was to replace the company’s then aging rigs. He had an extensive list of safety and performance requirements.

“We wanted the ability to drill up to 24-inch diameter, at least 100,000 lbs of pullback, remote operation, dual tube flooded reverse capability, and a truck configuration so we could drive on the highway without special permits,” says Bill.

Bill saw an ad for the FURY and reached out to Schramm for more information. Craig Mayman [EVP Sales, Marketing & GM Australia] then met with Bill and the BDC team and travelled to Idaho to see the rig in action.

“The first thing that jumped out to me was the mast structure,” Bill says. “By removing the control panel from the back of the truck, the mast is supported by the truck’s full width. It’s very strong while being relatively lightweight.” The lighter weight, compact design, and truck configuration means the FURY130 is highway suitable—no special permits required.

The BDC team then ordered their first FURY130.

Reliability and Support

“These rigs work seven days a week 11 months of the year, sometimes 24-hours-a-day,” says Bill. “Reliability is a major factor for us, and so is product support. We rely on Schramm for diagnosing any programming or software issues that may arise.”

The support has been fantastic.

-Bill Gardiner, GM, Bunbury Drilling Company

Even more, Schramm engineers have worked with BDC to configure each rig to meet different specifications. “We’re very happy that Schramm listens to us and implements our feedback. They continuously improve their products. Each rig is better than the last.”

Two-Way Success

Years of extensive collaboration with BDC has benefited Schramm and led to performance improvements for the FURY130 series. “Bunbury Drilling Company has been an outstanding partner,” says Craig. “Their support, feedback, and teamwork have been instrumental to the success of the FURY. We’re looking forward to working with BDC for many years to come.”