Value‐Add Services for Our Valued Customers

March 2020

Safety is critical at Schramm, so company‐wide changes have been implemented in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Office staff have been asked to work from home, travel has been curtailed, and visits to Schramm facilities are being restricted. Despite these measures, warehouse and workshop employees are doing everything they can to ensure product orders are processed and shipped on time. Schramm recognizes that the Coronavirus will cause disruptions for weeks to come and requests support from its valued partners in managing expectations and minimizing risks until the pandemic is brought under control.

Customer relationships are essential to good business, and at Schramm, maintaining solid partnerships means going the extra mile to deliver exemplary service. Schramm remakes that commitment every day.

The company has been evolving for 119 years to keep pace with the changing demands of markets and customers and is as dedicated as ever in 2020 to providing the best products and services in the industry. Two new experts have joined the Hammers & Bits team, improvements have been made to enrich the value of support partnerships, and the company’s web‐based document library, Rig>ID™ is being relaunched as “Rocket” with a simpler and friendlier user interface.

Hammers & Bits Team Adds Experts

Schramm is known for its reliable equipment and has invested for years in designing hammers and bits that deliver dependable performance in demanding conditions. Schramm hammers and bits are guaranteed to 1,000 psi and deliver consistent performance in all ground conditions. Schramm heavy‐duty, long‐life hammers are designed for deep drilling with high‐pressure/volume air packages and pistons that transfer optimal percussion to the bit. The Australia‐made Airdrill products have gained name recognition around the world for their reliability, and they are backed by Schramm’s outstanding service, superior product support, and a global distribution network that ensures product availability.

Now, the Hammers & Bits team has even more to offer with the addition of two new members. Ric Gobel, Business Development brings deep knowledge of the mining industry to the group and Barry Pappin, who specializes in Technical Sales.

Service Support Steps Up

In addition to augmenting its expert team, the company is delivering better value in 2020 by enhancing and expanding aftermarket services.

For the recent sale of the first Fury130 rig in Australia, for example, Schramm experts went over the entire rig and customized a maintenance plan for the buyer, reviewing at least 250 parts and identifying consumables, critical spares, recommended spares and wearables so the owner can make sure essential replacement parts are on hand.

Customer relationships are part of the “deliverable” at Schramm, where experts make sure owners know what parts are stocked locally, what is available globally, and what should be included in the customer’s stores. This support partnership service is tailored to each owner’s needs and is available to all Schramm customers.

Resources also are available for on‐site support. When customers want help in the field, Schramm is on call with an experienced, hands‐on, field support team made up of qualified distributors that provide assistance on worksites around the world.

Rig>ID™ Gets a Relaunch

While Schramm has built its reputation on physical assets and services, it also invests in software development to ensure owners can access drawings and parts lists on demand. This year, the company is relaunching the newest version of its Rig>ID™ document library user interface (UI) to make it easier than ever to use.

The newly launched Rocket UI simplifies the process of accessing the cloud‐based real‐time document library, providing icon‐driven searches for product brochures, parts books, user manuals, hydraulic and electrical diagrams, certification and compliance documents, transportation documents, and service bulletins and precaution documents all tied to rig serial number.

For projects where there is no internet service, Rocket users can download any document to a digital device to transport it to the worksite or print out a hard copy to take along.

Today, Schramm is beta testing the new version of Rig>ID™ with its customers. Trial deployments began in January, and customer feedback is already being used to make improvements.