Reliability a Key to Driller Satisfaction in Hammers and Bits

August 2020

Schramm’s Ric Goebel and Barry Pappin discuss the importance of Hammers and Bits customer service

Even in a booming market, the line between profit and loss for drilling companies can be determined by the quality and reliability of your products, companies only make money as long as their rigs are up and running. In such circumstances, effective management of equipment wear is essential to continuous operations, especially in the case of Hammers and Bits (H&B), where tough work takes the biggest toll.

That’s why Schramm, already a heavyweight in rig manufacturing and aftermarket services, is doubling down on its H&B business and focusing on what Drillers care about most- performance with reliability.

According to Barry Pappin, Schramm’s Hammers and Bits Technical Sales Representative, reliability entails several cooperating components, starting with product quality and performance, to achieve this you need to build a strong relationship, and the foundation of this relationship is built on honesty, trust and a willingness to work together. According to Barry, he has seen circumstances where there has been a push for much cheaper products in the market which “compromise quality for price,”. At Schramm we are striving for quality over cost which can give us an edge in this competitive market. “Our goal is to have the best cost-per-meter (CPM) product in our market,” he says.

At Schramm, reliability extends far beyond high-grade materials. Providing customers with the best possible service is of equal importance to the company.

“Barry and I feel very strongly about listening to our customers,” says Ric Goebel, Schramm’s H&B Business Development Manager. “We are focused on supporting our products from the factory to the end user.” This includes a heavy emphasis on the reliability of Schramm’s H&B personnel, as much as the products they support in the field.

Drillers never take breaks, so neither does Schramm. “We’re available to respond immediately,” Barry says, including on holidays and weekends. “When a client wants products, we work very hard to have it there ready for them when they need it.”

Devotion to top-tier service is a unique strength of Schramm Hammers and Bits, driven largely by the enthusiasm of Goebel and Pappin for satisfying customer needs. Their work has elevated Schramm and its offerings to the next level, and customers are already reaping the benefits.

Working and communicating with drilling crews is a rule, not an exception. “We see ourselves as extensions of the rigs, and we pride ourselves on being out in the field and really connecting with drillers as they are an essential part of product feedback and improvements,” Barry says. “And every time I go on-site, I bring management, sales and engineers with me,” in person or digitally. Everyone is integrated in the process.”

Schramm H&B is “always looking at product performance and customer feedback,” adds Ric. “This is where Barry and I work well together, listening to our customers and feeding the information back to our engineering department to improve our products and reduce customers’ CPM.”

Even COVID-19 cannot stop Schramm from delivering premium service. Though site visits are now limited, Ric and Barry are constantly communicating with drillers, “We still manage through digital means,” Barry says. “There is always another way to achieve an outcome.”

In Ric and Barry’s case, “Service is very important,” one customer said, “It’s not always about the product, Schramm Hammers & Bits has always provided reliable service.”