Supporting Clients During Global Pandemic

December 2020

Client focused strategies drive growth at Schramm

The past year has proven to be challenging in a number of ways. Ensuring the safety of employees and clients, navigating ever changing travel restrictions and managing the inevitable product delays associated with a reduced global workforce. Throughout challenges, Schramm proves that supporting clients in the field, reducing cost per meter (CPM) and providing the highest quality products continues to be top priority. 

As part of Schramm’s ongoing strategy to increase client satisfaction and continuously improve products, Barry Pappin, Technical Sales Representative and Ric Goebel, Business Development have been conducting field trials with key and prospective clients throughout the year. 

Pappin brings 25 years of drilling and site supervision experience to the Schramm team and understands the importance of keeping the bit to the bottom of the drilling hole. Goebel has been with Schramm for 1.5 years and brings over 20 years experience developing and testing hammers for the drilling industry. Their collective goal is to work with clients to offer superior products.

In November, Pappin performed the mandatory 14 day hotel based quarantine to spend two weeks working with drillers in Western Australia. His first trial was with Strike Drilling testing Schramm Hammers and Bits

“Strike Drilling gave Schramm Hammers and Bits the opportunity to work with them in the field to help improve our products and increase their daily production and hammer life. We are so very grateful for Richard Bennett & Clay Schmidt for providing us with this opportunity.” – Barry Pappin, Technical Sales Representative

Having an Australian designed and manufactured product as well as a team that is proactive and engaged has been a driving factor in increased performance for Schramm Hammers and Bits.

While on tour, Pappin met with a prospective customer to trial the 650 and 670 series Schramm Hammers & Bits. As Pappin was not able to travel to the site initially, the trial was run through various media platforms so he could connect Goebel who resides in Perth, to monitor the performance of Schramm products through photos and live video chats.

“We were lucky enough to run the trial with the drillers through various media platforms through this Covid period where I could have direct contact with the drillers in the field and Barry could also monitor the performance of the Schramm products through photos and live video chats.” – Ric Goebel, Business Development 

As part of these discussions, Pappin and Goebel worked directly with the Schramm engineering team to implement improvements as they received information directly from the field to improve their CPM through increased product performance. 

“We are now their preferred supplier for Hammers and Bits as we have the best CPM on the market.”  – Barry Pappin, Technical Sales Representative 

Schramm prepares to commence another trial with the new client but this time for exploration rigs. Pappin will be preparing another on-site visit to support the trial mid January 2021.

Schramm’s commitment to product improvement is evident. By implementing client feedback, conducting field trials and supporting clients in-field Schramm is able to deliver the best CPM in the market.