Hardwick Machinery

Expanded Services for Global Reach.

Schramm and long term business partner Hardwick Machinery have formed a joint venture to offer a wider array of services in the Western United States and around the world. The result is  quick, reliable service regardless of where the operation is.

Based in Salt Lake City, Hardwick Machinery offers drilling, mining and construction equipment design, repair, and rebuilding. With fully equipped service trucks and mobile lube trailers, Hardwick Machinery is able to provide preventative maintenance and on-site repairs. They are trusted and capable of building and maintaining rigs from end to end.

Customers now have access to Hardwick Machinery’s unique product line as well as world-class service.

Photo of Hardwick Machinery on-site
World-class field service, industrial design, restoration and fabrication.

Product Upgrades and Services


Available in N, H, and P sizes, the Hardwick Core Sample Press is designed to
guarantee sample integrity in a variety of ground conditions.

Simply mount the inner-tube, drop the safety-cover over the piston, and run the
press. From competent to highly fractured samples, the core press maintains
continuity by extruding material from the inner-tube in easy-to-manage 5’ or 10’
(1.5m or 3.0m) segments. No sliding. No crumbles. No lost time.


• Designed for safety
• Run 5’ or 10’ (1.5m or 3.0m) rods
• Quick adapters for various conditions
• Easy to transport and setup
• Utilizes rig hydraulics
• Available in N, H, and P sizes


The Hardwick Core Driller Shack is built to keep the drill site elements out
and the operator and equipment safe. Built tough, from high-quality powder
coated steel and sheet metal, the shack is easy to setup, easy to relocate and is
designed to fit any core rig out there. The work area allows for plenty of space
while still fitting comfortably on any work site.


• 160” L x 140” W x 96” H
• Keeps the mud outside
• Protects the operator and controls
• Easily add a torpedo heater
• Fits any core rig
• Simple relocation
• Perfect match for our Core Sample Press


The Hardwick product line boasts broad capabilities – from the trusted workhorses to
highly customized and specialized pumps. Every Hardwick pump is backed by
expert technical support and customer service dedicated to getting the right pump for every application.


• Electric Motor Driven
• Gas Motor Driven
• Direct Drive
• Constant Speed
• Variable Speed


With the ability to handle virtually any material within a 4x2m (13×6.5’) work
envelope, Hardwick waterjet services offer a reliable — and repeatable — precision cutting solution.

More flexible than plasma cutting and less wasteful than gantry milling, waterjet
technology provides a practical manufacturing method when a design requires excellent linear accuracy. Hardwick has the experience required to take full advantage of the technology. We offer consulting services to ensure your parts meet both your specification and your final mechanical requirements.


• Cut virtually any material, from thin carbon
shims to 7 inches of Inconel plate
• Can cut more materials and eliminate grinding
off hardened material and slag, because there
is no heat affected zone (HAZ) created.
• Allow tight nesting and accurate cutting,
improving material utilization.
• Can both replace and complement other
machine tool processes such as laser, plasma,
EDM, milling, and routers.

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