Opportunities in Africa

August 2022

Schramm is poised to increase its share in the African market, with Hammers & Bits securing a major aftermarket client after a series of successful field trials. The client’s large mineral exploration fleet will now be equipped with RC hammers from the Schramm AD500 and AD600 series. Additionally, Schramm will supply spare parts including rods, cyclones, and maintenance kits.  

“This is another example of successfully replicating our business model overseas,” says Craig Mayman [EVP Sales, Marketing & GM Australia]. The strategy, which emphasizes field collaboration with customers, has succeeded in Australia, the US, and now Africa.  

“The key to the success of the business model is understanding the needs of the client,” says Barry Pappin [Technical Sales Representative]. Barry recently spent five weeks in Africa, visiting sites in Tanzania, Mali, and Ghana, providing technical support and building strategic relationships. 

“Once we understood their processes and technical needs, we could provide logistical support to meet the specific ground conditions,” says Barry. 

“We established communication protocols with the client that facilitated accurate information and quick decision making,” Barry says. “This helped us bring in the right equipment to meet the specific ground conditions.” 

The Hammers & Bits team conducted field trials, on-site trainings, and spent time in the local community, which made a significant impression on Barry and his team, who were happy to be back in Africa after two years of travel restrictions. 

“Getting out to Africa in-person has been a top priority for us,” says Craig. “You gain a much better understanding of the market and its needs when you have boots on the ground.” 

Barry was impressed with the sites, techniques, and programs he witnessed in the three countries he visited, describing the knowledge base as very sound. He was also very fond of the people he met.  

“They were very warm, open, and friendly,” says Barry. “It was an absolute privilege to be able to get to know them and spend time in their communities. They are some of the most incredible people I’ve met anywhere in the world.” 

According to the IFC, Africa contains over 30 percent of the world’s global mineral reserves and produces more than 60 different metals and minerals, demand for which is expected to grow. With limited geological surveying, it is estimated that much of the continent’s resources remain untapped.  

“To say we’re excited about the African market would be a massive understatement,” says Barry. “It’s an incredible opportunity for us to grow our business internationally. The sheer amount of resources there is staggering, and the people are amazing.”