In The Field with Hammers & Bits

April 2022

H&B Growth

Schramm Hammers & Bits [Wangara, Australia] are performing strongly in the RC market, securing large domestic gains in Australia. Superior product reliability, premier customer service, and extensive fieldwork have all contributed to this ongoing success.

“It starts with product quality. Customers like our hammers because they’re reliable in the field,” says Barry Pappin [Technical Sales Representative]. “When you’ve got a high performing hammer in the market, you’re going to have a good customer base in the market.”

Hammers & Bits is eager to grow customer relationships in other regions. With pandemic travel restrictions lifted, Barry recently spent several weeks in the field with US customers and products dealer Jentech Drilling Supply [Sparks, Nevada].

On-site visits enable the H&B team to bolster relationships with dealers, increase product exposure, and support customers at the drill site. “We give new customers the opportunity for a field trial,” Barry says.

“One of Schramm’s biggest differentiators is our willingness to get out in the field with our customers,” says Craig Mayman [EVP Sales, Marketing & GM Australia]. “We help them overcome challenges and show them how to get the best cost per meter.”

Barry Pappin on-site with a drill operator

Field Trials

Barry teamed with Northwest Sales Manager Tim Valdez and Jentech to conduct field trials in Arizona and Nevada, with Harris Drilling and Midnight Sun Drilling. Equipped with multiple hammers from the AD500 and AD600 series, the team collected over 1000 ft. of data per trial. The trials demonstrated the impressive penetration rates and different use cases of Schramm Hammers & Bits in various terrain.

“Field trials are very useful in understanding how our products compare to our competitors,” Barry says. “Our customers can see the difference in the field.”

Field trials can also drive product refinement. “During a previous site visit in November, we identified an area of product improvement,” says Barry. “We were able to return in March with those changes implemented.”

Customers also benefitted from the combined drilling expertise of Barry and Tim, both of whom spent decades as drilling operators. They demonstrated best practices and discussed techniques and strategies with the drillers on-site.

“It’s not just about the hammers and bits,” says Craig. “The rig needs to be setup to maximize performance. Barry has 30 years of drilling experience, and he brings ideas and leadership to whatever site he goes to.”


Jentech Drilling Supply provided logistical support and helped coordinate the field trials. “We have a very strong relationship with Clint Welch and Donnie Schoorl at Jentech,” says Barry. “It’s a relationship built on trust, honesty, and teamwork.”  

Founded in 2002, Jentech provides products and services for the groundwater, mineral exploration, and mining industries. Sales Manager Clint Welch says that Jentech’s success is a result of their customer focused business practices, such as providing on-site service and product deliveries. This dedication to service makes them a natural fit to work with Schramm, whose industry leading customer commitment sets them apart from others. Since incorporating Schramm Hammers & Bits three years ago, Jentech has increased its RC Market share by 40%.

“Customer feedback has been very positive,” Clint says. “Schramm RC products have a great price, better performance, and more longevity than the competition.”

Since incorporating Schramm Hammers & Bits three years ago, Jentech has increased its RC Market share by 40%.

Supporting The Customer

As a major drilling supply distributor with facilities around the US, Jentech’s infrastructure supports Hammers & Bits product distribution, while Schramm’s quality products and technical support benefit Jentech, and the customer.

“Schramm technical support is top-notch. They’re knowledgeable, responsive, and readily available,” says Clint. “I’ve been in this industry a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone communicate with people in the field as effectively as Barry. He’s able to develop rapport, make suggestions, and offer insight in a way that people really respond to. That’s a special gift.”

In the field with a customer

The Future

Hammers & Bits plans to continue leveraging these important partnerships to drive growth in the US and beyond.

“Schramm is dedicated to supporting the North American RC market,” Barry says. “We’re very excited about how our relationship with Jentech will grow moving forward.”

In Australia, the team is poised to expand into another market segment, conducting a trial in Iron Ore. Next, Barry is travelling to Africa, having recently secured a contract there.

“We are in a great position,” he says. “We’re unique in the market. No one else does what we do.”