Aftermarket Drives Domestic Growth in Joint Venture With Hardwick Machinery

July 2021

One year after Schramm Inc. and Hardwick Machinery (UT, USA) commenced a joint venture, aftermarket sales and support are thriving in the western United States, coinciding with a resurgence of mining in the region. At the heart of this venture is an invigorated focus on supporting existing customer relationships via world-class customer support.

“To have a good aftermarket business you need to be close to your customer,” says Craig Mayman [EVP Global Sales, Service, Marketing & Schramm Australia CEO]. “We needed a footprint in the West. Rather than building our own service center, we made the decision to utilize Hardwick because they had an established customer base, already knew the market and most importantly we had a long working relationship.” 

Hardwick Machinery provides OEM parts, diagnostic services, field repairs, component rebuilding, and complete refurbishment of drill rigs. Aftermarket service for Schramm clients accounts for as much as 60% of Hardwick Machinery total business volume since June 29, 2020, when the venture was announced.

“We’re very happy with the growth we’ve seen domestically,” Craig says. “We implemented the venture at exactly the right time to correspond with the resurgence of mining in the West.”

With its Utah headquarters, Hardwick is in close proximity to many of the busiest mines in the United States. “Our customers want OEM parts and support, but they don’t want to ship a rig across the country to get them,” says Craig. “Hardwick helps us meet that demand.”

“On-site diagnosis and repairs are the most cost-effective and efficient solution for equipment breakdowns,” says Justin Hardwick [CEO, Hardwick Machinery]. “That’s why we’ve styled our business model to come to the client. Our team is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.”

As part of the agreement, Schramm retained an engineer, Randall Johnson, to work on-site at Hardwick, after undergoing Schramm training in Australia. “With enhanced engineering capability, they have an additional layer of highly specialized service they can provide,” says Craig.

The JV has streamlined OEM parts certification and maximized rig runtime for clients, helping to deliver on a Schramm goal of limiting lead times by 50%. “If a customer needs a non-stock part immediately, we can fabricate and certify it on-premises, and ship it the next day,” says Justin. For global service, Hardwick trucks and technicians are ready to be dispatched anywhere. “Our team is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. We go wherever the client needs us, whether it’s Africa, Russia, or Chile. Location is not a limiting factor.”