120+ Years Strong

Schramm Powered by Epiroc manufactures Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs and Hammers & Bits for the mineral exploration industry. With service and production centers in Australia, a US-based aftermarket team, and a global dealer network, we provide full spectrum service, tooling, engineered upgrades, and OEM parts worldwide.

For more than 120 years, Schramm has worked alongside our customers to drive innovation and success in the drilling industry. We are proud to be Powered by Epiroc.

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Founded in 1900

Schramm was founded by Chris Schramm and originally manufactured engine driven machinery and portable air compressors.

Pioneering the drilling industry

In the 50s, Schramm pioneered air flush drilling for use in water well drills and rock quarries. In the 70s, they manufactured top-head driven mobile drilling rigs, coinciding with the birth of the modern exploration drilling industry.

Schramm partners with AirDrill

In 1994, Schramm partnered with Australian drilling company AirDrill, combining quality-built drilling rigs with field service, rig repairs and engineered upgrades, laying the groundwork for Schramm Australia.

Schramm acquires AirDrill and adds Hammers & Bits

Schramm acquired Airdrill in 2013, becoming Schramm Australia. The Hammers & Bits division was born to supply and service the international RC Drilling industry with a purpose built product and expert field support. The Schramm AirDrill product line exceeded every current benchmark in the drilling industry, and continues to break records today.

Powered by Epiroc

In 2023, Schramm Australia and Hammers & Bits were acquired by Epiroc, creating a new powerhouse in the exploration drilling industry. With a massively expanded distribution network, Schramm Powered by Epiroc provides industry leading drill rigs, RC tooling and product support around the globe, wherever your exploration takes you.

Schramm rigs are built your way, delivering maximum performance, reliability and operating efficiency to give you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition.