A Year in Review

December 2020

Client focused strategies drive growth at Schramm

In 2020 Schramm implemented a strong action plan to better serve their clients, despite operating in an unprecedented business environment full of unknowns and challenges.

Increased aftermarket services, superior support and a keen focus on account management have been driving forces in decision making and strategy for Schramm throughout the year.

After a long standing partnership, Schramm formed a joint venture with Salt Lake City based industrial repair and manufacturing shop, Hardwick Machinery. The JV is a part of a long-term strategy to offer top-grade aftermarket support and service to customers around the world. 

“The biggest winners of the joint venture are our customers, who will enjoy speedy, reliable and quality service, no matter where in the world they are operating.” – Justin Hardwick, President, Hardwick Machinery

To further the strategic agenda, board member Otis Spencer was appointed President and CEO of Schramm this past August. Formerly an operating partner at parent company GenNx360 Capital Partners, Spencer has been heavily involved with Schramm since 2014. 

The structural reorganization allows former President, Craig Mayman to shift focus on global business development and oversee Australia’s rapidly expanding operations as the new EVP of Global Sales, Service, Marketing & GM of Schramm Australia. 

“There is no question that the Australian market has been a hot spot for the world but it is not the only reason we are doing well. We also have a great team that we are growing. Being in the same region now gives me the ability to focus on Australian business entities and to see how we can better showcase and develop the unique product offerings they have globally.” – Craig Mayman, EVP Global Sales, Service, Marketing and GM Schramm Australia

Schramm increased their Hammers and Bits team by two new members this past year in an effort to strengthen customer support, service and overall relationships. The feedback received from customers has served to inform the engineering team on best product improvements. In addition, Schramm Hammers and Bits conducted a number of field trials with drillers throughout Western Australia, resulting in Schramm Hammers and Bits being able to offer a product with the best cost per meter on the market.

Schramm also entered into a sales resource approach with long time partner Exploration Drill Masters. Through this partnership they have added 3 outside sales managers. This addition has brought new energy and focus to the team and is showing strong results.

While Schramm has seen many successes this past year it has not gone without challenges, the largest being Covid-19. As Schramm already operates with a lean team, losing even one member can have a large impact on workflow.

“One of the biggest concerns is trying to keep the workforce healthy and out of self-isolating protocols due to exposure.” – Otis Spencer, President, Schramm

Navigating new and changing travel restrictions has also proved to be a big challenge for Schramm as their customer base and facilities operate worldwide. Learning new ways to connect with customers is an ongoing conversation that will carry into the new year. 

In the new year Schramm will also focus on reducing lead times for rigs and parts by 50% and is also looking to expand capacity as they prepare for a busy 2021 in both the US and Australia. 

Through operational efficiencies and new business development, Schramm has generated impressive momentum and successfully navigated through an unprecedented business environment.  With the addition of new talent and strategic partnerships, Schramm has positioned itself to generate positive results for 2021.